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November 18, 2015
Seven Fundamental Principles for Spiritual Growth and Development
November 27, 2015

Don’t Give Up 2

181115dWhen life throws anything at you, take it and evaluate it with the word of God. When life throws you limes, rearrange the letters and smiles. If life throws you lemons make a lemonade out of it. In all things we are more than conquerors. That problem is working out something on your inside. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t end it. Stand up and keep up the good work. Every test is working out a testimony.

When you face tough circumstances in your life rejoice because it will become a testimony. A lot of times we get anxious because we look at our own clock to evaluate and calculate what should be happening in our lives; but when we look at the clock of God we would realize that in time it will happen. When you calculate your time to fulfill the promise of God you will cause trouble for yourself. Your mind cannot fully comprehend the plans of God for your life. It might seem like nothing is happening around you; but remember God is never late because he makes all things beautiful in its time. Your perception will determine your language in the market place; as long as you have the right perception when going through anything in life the next thing to have is the right language. What do you say when troubles presses against you in the market place. When you squeeze orange, orange juice comes out of it. Same with pineapple, you get pine apple juice. But when life squeezes you what comes out? Fear or faith? In this kingdom you cannot be stopped, subdued or put under. It is only you that can stop yourself by the words of your mouth. No matter how uneasy the market place might seem, always be positive. Control your atmosphere, don’t be depressed. You are too loaded to be depressed or oppressed. Don’t let the availability or unavailability of resources around you determine how you act or don’t act. Darkness will continue to be dark but you must generate enough light to survive darkness.

When life punches you don’t stay on the ground; stand up and move on. There is nothing you are facing now that you cannot handle. You must rid your mind of mental cobwebs that won’t make it operate as God designed it to operate. Doubt is faith in the word of the enemy; when you believe in the word of the enemy you will doubt the word of God. Your hope of a better future must remain intact because it is that hope that the word of God will interact with. Don’t allow the experience of life and your background to disrupt the picture God has placed in your heart. Don’t exchange your picture for a lie. If you are building an empire keep building. As long as the God factor is constant, that picture and vision in your heart will materialize and become a reality.

Don’t give up, it’s not over. It’s when you give up that it’s over.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Lead Pastor, Holyhill Church

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