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November 20, 2015
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Seven Fundamental Principles for Spiritual Growth and Development

281115Time is measured in sevens in the spirit. Aligning and understanding the patterns in nature and in the spirit reinforces our thoughts and desires within the context of the program of God as a church and as a people. God expects us as Christians to be strong and be edifices on the face of the earth; as God cannot give birth to midgets. You must ensure on a regular basis that you grow, and growth obeys certain laws.

There are seven fundamental principles for spiritual growth and development; these same principles also guarantee spiritual health and prosperity. We all need to strive for spiritual health. When you don’t engage in the things of the spirit the way you ought you know you are spiritually sick. You must consciously combine, obey and engage these seven spiritual principles to be healthy and grow spiritually.

  • Forget the past: Always forget your past. Don’t be fixated on your past; your successes and failures inclusive. Some people are fixated on their past because their better days are behind them; and the only reasons that will happen is when you don’t obey the success principles of yesterday today. Success should be a continuum, it should be never ending. Be abreast of the realities; what is today saying? If you have you have been living each day going from success to success, you should start each day like you have not succeeded before. And if you have been failing and failing; you need to start each day like you have never failed before. If you have been failing before, you can’t win by mistake it has to be conscious and deliberate. Never allow your past to hold you down; wake up each day with fresh hunger for God.
  • Be quick to forgive: Be quick to forget your mistakes and forgive others of their error. Be kind to all. In life people must offend you. You must be quick to forgive; don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Biblically for you to count offense, someone must offend you four hundred and ninety times.
  • Be Prayerful: When you don’t forgive people when they offend you; God will not hear your prayers. For you to grow and be strong spiritually you need to succeed in the place of prayer. You must be a man given to prayer. A successful prayer life is built on the word; you need to be a word addict. When we pray in accordance with his will he hears us. His will is his word. You must be rooted and grounded in the word.
  • Walk by Faith: The just shall live by faith; the life of the just is anchored by faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith is meditating on God’s word until one of it speaks to you and you use that rhema (revealed word) to address an issue to get results. In the kingdom of God we spend faith. Cultivate a faith based lifestyle.
  • Be a Worshipper: God desires true worshippers that will worship him in spirit and truth. To worship him is to lift him up and give everything to him. True worship starts with obedience; when you meet God in obedience and he does something supernatural in your life then you will have a reason to sing to him. God has to be the center of your life and first at all times. You don’t only come to God with your substance; you come with your heart.
  • Be a Giver: Have a lifestyle of giving. You need to honor God with your substance. You are expected to give at the measure with which you receive. Give based on your size. Give as a form of worship; give as a form of faith. Always give expecting something in return. Give from a pure heart.
  • Be an Evangelist: Ensure you promote the gospel; doing the work of an evangelist. Your work primarily as Christians it to tell the world about Jesus. Except you preach the gospel people will not be saved. When you tell people about Jesus and what he did for them on Calvary tree, you secure your root in Jesus.

Physical growth is a function of obeying physical laws while spiritual growth is a function of obeying spiritual laws.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Lead Pastor, Holyhill Church

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