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November 27, 2015
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April 21, 2016

The Seven Battles of Life

081215Life is a fight, life is a race. You are because you won your first race; you are not aware of it. Science shows us that for a child to be born at the point of fertilization millions of other sperm cells compete to fertilize the same egg. The race of life does not answer to human logic; coming out first can be the advantage or disadvantage. In life you either find yourself running, building, competing, or fighting.

Bishop Oyedepo said life is not a fun fair; life is warfare.

Even what God has given to you he expects you to fight for them. In life you must know how to pick your battles; when to fight and when not to fight. And the ones you are to fight, you must know how to fight them and when to. If a battle is spiritual and you are fighting it in the flesh then you will lose. Most of the battles of life are spiritual and not physical. There are seven battles of life that you must know how to fight.

  • Faith: You must fight for your faith; you must fight for your place in Christ. To operate faith you need to be in faith. You have to be a Christian to operate faith. Always ensure you are still born again. There is nothing as once born again forever born again. Then fight the good fight of faith. Satan will do all he can everyday to attack the thought and word of God in your heart. Everyday life will present to you a reason to compromise. On a daily basis he attacks what God has said. The faith is a good fight for by faith we obtain all that God has given to us. The faith is spiritual, and it’s the fight for the supremacy of God’s word in your heart. You can only receive and retain what God has said to you by faith. When you take your face away from Jesus and the word, the environment starts to fight you. This is a fight you must fight.
  • Finances: This is an economic war. This is one fight we don’t fight. It’s a fight that does not obey toiling. It is not the harder you work that determines what you get; it is the harder you work in the works which God has worked. Financial fortune answers to obedience; when you work the things that God has worked you will be rich. Laboring outside God is toiling. In the same place where you are toiling, if you can just get a word from God all the resources that you need will come. Cease from walking in your own understanding. You have not been called to fight economic war in the strength of the flesh. You wait to synchronize with God’s time, then everything will happen for you without stress. You fight in the spirit and in obedience. Your thoughts, bias, secret desires and reservations can distort the thoughts of God coming to you per time in the area of your finances. You must know the things that God has worked when you work; then struggling financially will cease.
  • Mind: Satan can take everything from you but never allow the enemy to take your mind. Guard your mind, renew your mind, and upgrade your mind. If you are defeated at the realm of the mind you will lose at all things. Nothing enters your life without going through your mind; because your mind is the gateway to your life. Don’t allow your thoughts and imaginations run contrary to the thoughts and will of God for your life. All battles are won and lost on the platform of the mind.
  • Family: Family is one of the closest things to the heart of God. Two people don’t agree to start a family except they are one. When there is unity, you position yourself for God to bless you. When God sees unity he brings his blessing so the unity can continue. One of the strongest aces God holds over us is time as he is not bound by it. Don’t allow anything take you away from your family. God does not like truce breakers; it is better to be single than to marry and toy with it. You must fight for your spouse, children and family because Satan is after them.
  • Integrity: Satan will arrange for events that will test you in the area of your strength and weakness. You must know your weaknesses and acknowledge them. You must also know your strengths, acknowledge them, and ensure you reinforce them every day. The enemy wants to destroy your reputation, so he will tempt you with money. Integrity is very important; ensure you fight for your integrity as he will attack you in the area of sex and money. Integrity does not mean you have not made mistakes before but you made them and learnt from them such that it does not repeat itself again. Integrity is building systems around yourself that will keep your name intact and make God able to vouch for you like he did for Job.
  • Love: You must fight for love. Opportunities will come every day for you to hate people but you must ensure you live at peace with all men. If you love your neighbor you will not hurt or harm the man next to you. Don’t allow anybody drag you to hate them. Never bring yourself to the level where you hate another man.
  • Assignment: Fight for your assignment; it is the reason you’re here. Opportunities will come for you to want to turn back or give up. Just stay through to what God has told you to do; see it to the end. Only those that don’t give up will eat the grain and honey and the milk that flows in destiny. Do all you can to get to the place where God has called you to. Fight from the place of advantage; only in the places where God has won. Jesus said “It is finished”, then he told us to start.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Lead Pastor, Holyhill Church

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