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December 8, 2015
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Wisdom for Everyday Life

WisdomThe way to succeed is to understand the backend of things. The back end is what drives the front end; the unseen produces the seen. These are not suggestions but proven principles that if you abide by them your life cannot be ordinary.

  • Be planted in the Word: Read the word of God; buy the word of God and meditate on it always. Read the word, apply the word, and obey the word. Let the word of God be your beginning and your ending.
  • Be Prayerful: Don’t pray because you feel like praying; pray because you ought to pray. Men ought to pray and not faint. Have a strong and sound private prayer life. If you pray less in private than you do in church then you don’t have a prayer life. In praying, pray in tongues and understanding also.
  • Be Addicted to Fellowship: Don’t stay away from the house of God. Sunday-Sunday fellowship will make you a lukewarm Christian. As long as the iron is in the fire the fire remains in the iron. When you stay connected to the house of God you will be fired up always. Don’t do executive Christianity. Don’t forsake the gathering of the brethren. There are certain things that will not shift until you connect to certain corporate anointing.
  • Fast Often: Fasting must be a lifestyle; set out a day in which you fast at least once a week. Fasting is a spiritual catalyst; it fast tracks things.
  • Join yourself with a small group in Church.
  • Join a service unit: Look for something to do and be useful in the house of God.
  • Read books: Read all manner of books but be careful of the manner of books you read.
  • Surround yourself with godly friends: You should unfriend any friend who is not feeding your strength. Whether you like it or not, your friends are influencing you; you either change your friends or they change you. So surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you are. Be friends with people that will help you become a better version of who you are.
  • Have Faith in God: Faith opens the door to the supernatural, faith knows no impossibility, the just shall live by faith. By faith we receive by faith we conquer. The results we want in this kingdom can only be produced by faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
  • Read Biographies: Read about men of God, entrepreneurs, musicians, social activists, politicians. And if you don’t have the money to buy the books, go through Wikipedia.
  • Be a Giver: Giving is a proof you have conquered greed. Give your best and in giving, give with the right attitude.
  • Get a Mentor: Get a mentor and submit to mentorship; mentors they say are the prophecies of your future, follow men who are operating in the places you want to operate in. Get a mentor, submit to them, and be accountable to them. Mentors are not for name dropping.
  • Be Holy: Holiness is not a choice it is a must; holiness validates our son-ship in God. Carry your vessel in holiness.
  • Be a soul winner: Everywhere you go, ensure you win souls for Christ. Don’t be a closet Christian.
  • Be Generous: The liberal soul shall be made fat and he that waters shall be watered. Be kind to those that are in need and in all you are doing consider the poor.
  • Be a man of Honor and Integrity: A man of honor is man of integrity; don’t make promises if you won’t keep them. Be true to God, men and to yourself. Let people value and bank on your words.
  • Honor all Men: Treat older people like your father, mother or uncles and aunties. Don’t treat older people with disdain. It is who you are that shows up when you meet people you don’t know.
  • Be Contented: Learn to enjoy the things that you have
  • Be Supernatural: Operate in the spirit, be led by the Spirit; don’t operate based on the things that you see or ear.
  • Be Humble: Learn humility and practice it; God gives supernatural grace to the humble.
  • Work Hard: Work hard and work smart. Nothing works like work, work hard, work smart, work under grace. Work to learn before you work to earn. Life pays you based on the things you have learnt working.
  • Learn to Understand People: Learn to treat people with respect, learn to be tactful, be diplomatic.
  • Be Hospitable: Accommodate people in your house, don’t allow past offences to stop you from being hospitable today.
  • Dream Big: Visions are free get one.
  • Be Purpose Driven:  Prayerfully discover your purpose for living, clarify it and throw yourself into it spirit, soul and body.
  • Build your Life on Information and Revelation: Study about everything, listen to the news. Gather intelligence from outside and from God. Let information and revelation be the two legs you build your life on.
  • Meditate on the word: Don’t just read the word, meditate on it too. Meditation is to your spirit what digestion is to your body.
  • Attitude is everything: Your attitude rubs off on all you do. The only disability in life is a bad attitude. You carry who you are into all you do.
  • Love is the greatest: Love God, love men, and love yourself. Love never fails; live in love, walk in love. Love will always guaranty victory in all you do.
  • Be Friendly: Celebrate people, celebrate the success of your friends. Don’t be envious of people, be a friend in need, meet people, shake hands with people.
  • Be Simple: Simple is hard, but simple is powerful. In all things let simplicity be your watch word. Be brief, be on point.
  • Talk Sense and Talk Less: If you must talk, talk less. If you have nothing to say, keep quite. Train your mind and your mouth will speak wisdom.
  • Fear God: Fear God and keep his commandments.
  • Live on Principles and not on Impulse: Don’t be impulsive.  Your feelings are not predictable but principles don’t change or fail. Let principles guide your life; that way your life can be predictable.
  • Be Gentle
  • Control your Emotions: Self control preserves a man, it preserves relationships and it preserves wealth.
  • Control your Appetite: Control your appetite for food, sleep and sex. A man that cannot control is appetite is a fool and can’t be used by God.
  • Family is Important: After God is your spouse, after your spouse, your children. Nothing should come between you and your family.
  • Hold No grudge: Begrudge no man, operate advanced forgiveness.
  • Be wise; riches, wealth, influence and long life always come to the wise.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

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