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April 21, 2016
The Man God Uses 2
June 8, 2016

The Man God Uses 1

The MPaul was a man mighty in power, a man mighty in miracles, a man mighty in word and a man mighty in wisdom. He was a man that embodied everything Jesus stood for although he didn’t meet Jesus in person. Jesus in his wisdom sent a prophet who didn’t meet him to the gentiles because if Peter had been sent, the gentiles would believe that because they didn’t meet Jesus there would have been no way they could operate like him.

Paul was a writer of letters; he wrote to individuals, friends and churches. And in his epistle to Timothy he took time to explain some of the vital characteristics of a believer. In that letter Paul said everyone must know their place in The Great House, and in that great house you must know your space and fill it. There is something about knowing your space and occupying it; every Christian must know their place in the great house. You must also understand the greatness of the great house, you must know the owner of the great house and that the owner of the great house is God. 

A lot of people come to the house of God but they don’t have a relationship with the God of the house of God. When you come to the house of God you should know you are coming to meet the God of the house of God, and as you appear before Him you go from strength to strength. We must understand our place, we must understand the greatness of the house, and we must understand the owner of the house and his greatness. We must also understand our significance in the house of God, and that there is a place God has placed us to deliver value. Parts of the things you must understand are the things expected of the person that occupies a place in the great house. So the question is:

What are the things that heaven expects from you?

What is your place in the house of God?

Are you taking that place? Do you know it?

What are you doing to stand there?

Are you operating in the fullness of the place and position God has given you in the great house?

Mr. Fela Durotoye said “That if your absence is not creating a vacuum then your presence is not creating value” Are you a valuable Christian to God? When you are in a place that you are not adding value, very soon you will be removed. God is an investor; he invested Jesus. God invested in every believer the incorruptible seed. And within the incorruptible seed is the capacity to do great things in this kingdom. So if you carry the incorruptible seed on your inside and you are not manifesting anything. You are an aberration and all aberrations are removed.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

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