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April 27, 2016
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June 8, 2016

The Man God Uses 2

The-MYou must understand that this great house has a sure foundation; the foundation of God’s house stands sure. That means God will not adjust for you. The truth is inconvenient, you cannot do anything for the truth, and you cannot do anything against the truth. At the end of time, you will discover that you are living in a lie because the truth will not bend for you. The truth is a Lion. Anybody that does not adjust to the truth will be broken. If you violate the truth you will be destroyed. If it’s not the truth God will not honor it. Any life that is not sited on the foundation of Gods truth has no future; in time you can be destroyed, in eternity you have no place. The foundation of God stands sure and it is built on the integrity of God’s word.  And we have all been called to build on that foundation in spirit and in truth. If you are not led by the Spirit and truth of God you can make mistake in this kingdom. The Holy Spirit is the one that leads us. There is a place that God has allocated to you where your peace and prosperity is; it’s the Holy Spirit that will lead you there.

To build on this foundation, you must operate in absolute holiness. Holiness is a doctrine of the body of Christ. You cannot build productively in this kingdom without being holy. Holiness leads us to honor and glory in this kingdom.  Everybody must embrace holiness consciously; there is no point walking with God if you would not be holy. If you are living your life and you know you are not holy it should lead you to the place of prayer till the fire of the spirit burns in you. Holiness is what you do when the Holy Spirit comes on you.

Everyone member of this house is known of God. There is a way God describes you in the spirit; so if you where to be described by the Holy Spirit, how would he? The description God has of you is the most important; what others call you is not important. You must live your life to honor and worship God. Every member of the great house carries the name of God and we also have the power and authority to use the name. We all carry the family name; we must be careful what we do with the name. Some people bring shame to the name, others bring glory to it. Those who bring glory to the name enjoy the power therein.  When you carry the name honorably your hand become that extension of the hand of God. Vessels of honor carry the name of Jesus and in their mouth the name works wonders. Vessels in the great house do not meddle with sin.

There are two classifications of vessels in this house:

  • Classification by Type
  • Classification by Honor

Honor and dishonor are not a function of the type of vessel that you are but a function of your yielding.  A golden vessel in the hands of Baal is different from a golden vessel in the hands of God. God is not looking for golden vessels but for yielded vessels. This is a season where everyone should carry the name of Jesus into all they do. You don’t need a pulpit to preach Jesus; your business can be your pulpit. We must carry the name of the Lord with dignity and honor. God is looking for vessels that will advance the course of the gospel on the face of the earth. The vessel unto honor must possess a heart that is filled with love and abhors all foolishness and ignorance. Foolishness is a spirit, ignorance is an attitude.

In this kingdom strife is a no-no; we don’t fight, we don’t struggle. We must know the place we occupy in God and do all we can to play our part in the place that has given to us. Know the how of God and understand the protocol of the house of God.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

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