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June 8, 2016
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June 8, 2016

Your Mind is the Gateway to Your Life

Your MindThe battlefield is in the mind.

The fight is thought-based.

The victory will start finding the expression when you conquer in your mind.

The battle is spiritual and mental in nature.

The fight God has called us to fight is in the realm of our mind.

Your mind is the only thing that stands between you and the things Jesus has done for you. It’s not even the devil, it’s your mind. The mind is where the battle is secure. The victory that has been procured for you is secured in your mind.

The fight that we have been called to fight is both spiritual and mental in nature.

There is a gateway to your mind. On that gateway are strongholds. The light that enters your mind will determine the events in your mind. One thing that you keep on seeing when you study the word of God and spend time reading the bible from Genesis to Revelation; and you begin to consider miracles and events in the lives of men like David, Moses, Jesus, Paul, Peter etc is that you must spend time as a student of the bible to study thoughts and words.

The more we study the bible, the more we see the dealings of God in the lives of men traceable to the place of words and thoughts. Essentially, we must become students of thought patterns: the seat of thoughts, the power of thoughts and the power of the spoken word. Whether it is thoughts or words, you cannot disconnect a man from it. Once a man is without his mind, he becomes mad. Once a man is disconnected from his mind, the man becomes foolish. In some instances, a man is his mind.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

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