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June 8, 2016
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June 23, 2016

Seven Favor Killers

7 Favor Killer

Favor is a major factor in Christianity. Favor is to the human person what perfume is to the human body. This is a perfume God puts on you as a person, default to everyone. Favor is a spiritual commodity. Favor is not manufactured or procured; God is the giver of favor. There is nothing a man can do by himself that can make him acceptable to God by himself. Favor is what God puts on you that when he sees you he is not angry with you and people accept you for who you are. Favor secures approval, support and good will from God and man. When the favor of God is upon you it secures for you human support and help. Favor is the oil and juice of friendship; it makes people see you and they want to be your friend.

When a man is favored, he experiences goodwill everywhere he goes. When the favor of God is upon you where you are coming from is not important. Favor ensures the events in your life are above normal. When God’s favor is upon your life, you get things people need to train for. Favor is to be considered first when it will not go round, favor secures your lot first at all times. The favor of God makes you a magnet to all the good things around you, a receptacle of material wealth and resources beyond your imaginations and understanding. All that you need is brought to where you have been planted by God; favor makes you a trustee of the common wealth of Zion. Favor delivers quicker, better and cheaper than what labor and struggling will deliver to us. Favor arranges events in your life before they happen; it brings resources for you before you need them.

  • Ingratitude : You must celebrate little things; be appreciative. Ingratitude is to bite the finger that is feeding you. There is a saying that you don’t look the gift horse in the mouth.
  • Indiscretion : Lacking common sense in speech and in behavior is a major killer of favor. Not knowing how to control one’s self before men can hinder favor from one’s life. When a man does not know how to talk or behave himself, he shuts the door of favor on himself.
  • Criticism : When criticism is destructive, disfavor tends to follow. Wisdom is being diplomatic; the mouth does not say everything that the eye sees.
  • Disrespect : To disregard someone or to lightly esteem or to be rude to someone can kill favor from one’s life.
  • Negligence : Paying little or no attention to people can also kill favor. People like you to remember their names. When you pay attention to properly meeting people, you will not forget their names. Don’t treat people based on their station in life or based on your perception of them.
  • Disagreement : Disputes or strong heated arguments that could lead to exchange of insults or unpalatable words are one way that favor can be killed. A lot of people by quarrelling have shut the door of favor.
  • Disloyalty : Wherever you work, do not exhibit any tendency that shows you lack commitment, else you put your favor at risk. Be dependable and reliable where you work. Don’t be double faced; and if you want to be let both face be beautiful. Systems depend on you and if you’re not operating at full capacity, leave.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

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