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June 16, 2016
7 Killer Emotions
Seven Killer Emotions
August 15, 2016

The Counselor – Introduction

The CounsellorThere are fundamental truths that must constitute the bedrock of anyone in this kingdom, in order for them to enter fully into the realities of this kingdom. There are certain understandings that you must operate in as a person before you can enter into the fullness of the life that you have in God. Certain level of signs and wonders must manifest in your life to show to the world that you are a son or daughter of God. And the reason most people are not manifesting the signs and wonders of God in their life is because they haven’t settled certain truths about the word of God in their lives. There are some things we just know on the surface; but until we know these truths in-depth, we can’t manifest fully what God has in stock for us as sons and daughters of God.

These truths are many but one of these truths that we must understand is the truth that centers on the person and power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not a force but he can manifest forcefully, he is not fire but can burn like a fire, he is not a dove but can appear like a dove, he is not oil but he can soothe like one. When you are not operating in a clear understanding of the person of the Holy Spirit, your son-ship in this kingdom will not be validated. The son-ship of Jesus Christ was validated by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit can be found in every single page of the bible; even in the very first chapter of the bible. The Holy Spirit is one of the major actors in the works of creation and the redemption of man. The Holy Spirit was the power that powered creation into reality. The reason Adam failed was because he didn’t engage the Holy Spirit. As Christians we cannot afford to limit our interaction with the word without interacting with the Spirit that authored the word. When you stay with the word without the Spirit what you have is letter. The letter kills but the Spirit gives life. What gives color to life is when the Spirit behind the word is operational in your life. So what Adam had was the written word and he transferred it to his wife without interacting with the Holy Spirit. So the Holy Spirit can be seen from Genesis all the way to Revelation. Those who have accomplished anything with God or for God are men and women who have connected with the wisdom that the Spirit supplies and who know what the Spirit is saying about the word they are reading. Anybody that has done or is doing anything meaningful for God has a solid relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The understanding of the person and power of the Holy Spirit is one of the greatest understandings you must have. Anyone that is not in the Spirit or does not have the Holy Ghost inside him is not a Christian. Christianity is impossible without the Holy Spirit; when you take him away from Christianity what you have left is religion and religion cannot save anyone. The Holy Ghost in you and you interacting with him is what gives life and vigor to your life as a Christian. That is why anytime somebody gives their life to Jesus they get the person baptized in water and lay hands on them to be baptized of the Holy Spirit.

A lot of Christians have only heard about the Holy Spirit but have not taken time to study and understand the workings of the Holy Spirit. Living outside the Holy Spirit for a Christian is impossible. The life God expects you to live in this kingdom is impossible without the Holy Spirit. You will remain a struggling Christian without the Holy Spirit. When you see someone is zealous and is running tirelessly after Christ you will see someone who has encountered the power which the Holy Spirit carries. Don’t believe the theology that the Holy Spirit is not for everybody; the Holy Spirit is for everybody. Anywhere that the Holy Ghost is relegated, there is no power. The gift of the Holy Spirit is for everyone man and woman. Any place that the Holy Ghost is allowed to move, power is available. The promise of the Holy Spirit is for everyman. We must yield our hearts and our spirits to the workings of the gift of God and of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the SUPER that comes upon the natural that makes it SUPER-natural; if a natural man allows the Holy Spirit to come into his life and space, the Holy Spirit will make him into a supernatural man. Anything that you see under heaven that is supernatural has the touch of the Holy Spirit; that is why when God sends you on a message, the first thing he does is to give you the Holy Spirit. When you talk about the Holy Spirit he is not just limited to ministry or healing. You can carry him into every facet of life; to business, politics etc. When a man is in the Spirit, he seizes to be a man; he becomes a God-man. A man in the Spirit produces results as though it was God doing them.

When you look at the book of Genesis, every time the Word spoke, the Holy Ghost took the word and created it. You cannot talk about creation without talking about the Holy Spirit. When you begin to look at the working of the Holy Spirit you realize that he knows the mind of the Father. The Holy Ghost is all knowing, all powerful and he is everywhere. Everything that can be attributed to the Father can be attributed to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a distinct person in the God-head and you must create time and schedule within your day to understand this person and build your relationship with him. If God in creation and redemption could not do anything without the Holy Spirit, no man under heaven can achieve anything substantial without the power of the Holy Spirit. You must take your time to know who the Counselor is; he is the one that knows all things and can do all things. He was the power behind the resurrection, the one that raised Christ from the dead. The power of the resurrection is the power that the Holy Spirit supplies. Every one of us must know the Holy Spirit and cultivate a partnership with him. The Holy Spirit must be your Senior Partner; he must be the one whose voice you listen to. Anyone or any church that yields itself to the Holy Spirit will experience what the Apostles experienced. Anywhere and anytime that Jesus is glorified, the Holy Ghost will manifest himself. As a church and as a Christian we must make sure that Jesus is glorified in our lives. The Holy Spirit is committed to ever glorifying Jesus.  Jesus Christ cannot know shame; so everything Jesus said He saw. Anyone that is a member of the body of Christ that understand s this, whenever you step out with the mindset to glorify Jesus the Holy Spirit is committed to glorifying Jesus there. The Counselor will show himself on your behalf if you choose to glorify Jesus in all you do. You don’t see the Holy Ghost but when Jesus is glorified he is happy. The father is not worried that Jesus is worshipped. When you commit yourself to glorifying Jesus, you command the presence of the Holy Spirit.

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Pastor, Holyhill Church

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