The-MA man that God uses is a man that is sold out to Christ. The man God uses neither makes nor saves himself; Christ does both the making and the saving. God created each one of us; we are crafted on purpose to carry out certain things on the earth and to join him in the work he does. It is in your favor that you discover your purpose here on earth and you deliberately and consciously do what he has made you for.

Christ made you and came to save you; in Christ we are made and saved so that we can do what he wants to do in us.

The man God uses portrays the following characteristics:

  • He Has an Apostolic Mindset: The man God uses possesses an apostolic mindset; and the apostolic mindset is an extension of the mind of Christ because the apostles got their mindset from Christ. The man that God uses understands the apostles, thinks like the apostles and talks like the apostles. He embraces consciously the apostolic. He follows in the footstep of the apostles. He consciously builds his life upon the foundation that the apostles built. For you to shine in this kingdom you need to understand the secret behind the success of the apostles and consciously follow the footstep of the apostles. You must drink into the apostles as they drank into Christ. The apostles are spiritual role models, and when you pattern your life after them people can pattern their lives after you too. The man that God uses is the man that has become an example to the believers. The man God uses is the one that sees himself as the servant and a messenger of God and is ready to do all that Christ demands of him. The apostolic mindset is the mindset of a servant; mindsets that will ask continually “What you would have me do God?” The apostles are not the needy but they are the ones that God has anointed to meet the needs of the nations. A Christian is not someone in need, but rather he/she understands that all his needs are met. That is the apostolic mindset.
  • Absolute Devotion: The man that God uses has submitted absolutely to God’s will for him in total devotion. To such a man, Jesus is the Lord of all, the owner of his life and soul. Your lord is your owner, to your lord you are slave, and to your master you are a servant. A servant has some right, a slave has none. If his lordship does not cover every area of your life then he is not your lord. The creed of a slave is “All that I am you made me, all that I have you gave me, all that I will ever be is in your hands, my love and my devotion to you God is absolute.” In a slave-lord relationship, there is no question of doubt as to the area of commitment or loyalty of the slave. Your passion for God and the things of God is never in doubt. The man God uses is that man that lays his hand unto the plough and does not look back. Once God does not speak to you in all the areas of your life, then his lordship over your life is questionable. He is not just your lord by word of mouth but in deed too.
  • Absolute Holiness: holiness is a must, the state of their spirit, soul and body of the man God uses are those of holiness and sanctification. He is a man that knows how to carry his vessel. The thoughts in his head and the conduct of his character are defined by that of absolute holiness. A man that carries his vessel with sanctification and holiness. Holiness is something for every member of the body of Christ. Everyone in the body of Christ is saved and called to do something in the body of Christ. The level of holiness expected of a minister of God is same for every believer because we are all called to be holy. It is only those that have served God in holiness that can serve him on the job. The first reasonable service you can give God is being holy. You can be active in church and not used of God. There is a difference between activity in church and ministry. The man God uses is the one who has yielded himself to the Spirit of holiness in thoughts, in words and in deeds. Holiness and sanctification simply mean a consecrated life, a separated life. Holiness is not an achievement, it is a state. Holiness is not something you do; it is a state you assume. When a person is holy, he or she belongs to God. The man God uses is the one that has consciously separated himself unto God and for the things of God.
  • Kingdom Mindedness: the man God uses is the man that thinks kingdom, sleeps kingdom, drinks kingdom and propagates kingdom. The man that God uses is kingdom-centric. His thoughts, devotion and desire are kingdom centered. For the man that God uses, the first thing is kingdom. If you are not consumed by kingdom thought then you are not useful to God. To be useful to God all you do must be kingdom centered. The man that God uses is committed to establishing the kingdom of God in every sphere of life. The plan of God is for Christians to go into the different sectors of the world and take over. The man that God uses understands prophecies and the plans of God, and aligns himself to ensure he becomes a vessel in the hands of God to propagate kingdom. “Let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth” is the creed of the man God uses. He is a man that has yielded his talents, his skills and resources for the kingdom. Such a man is willing to spend and be spent for the kingdom. He will not hold back anything to establish the kingdom of God in his space. Kingdom is carrying the power of God into a particular space and dominating there. Kingdom mindedness is not only prayer; when you pray you receive wisdom and intelligence and you go out to deploy it. You are to dominate and let Jesus be lord any where you are. If you can work the principles of this kingdom people will follow you to Christ. Your attitude in this kingdom is very crucial; how you think, how you talk and how you behave will determine how you will be used of God, what he will engage you for and how you will end in God.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

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