The-MThe vessel unto honor is not essentially the vessel of gold or silver, there are treasures in earthen vessels. It is a vessel that is clean that is a vessel unto honor. When the golden vessel is not available the bronze vessel will take its place. The ideal is golden but if the available is earthen and is yielding, it will be used. If any vessel can purge him that vessel becomes a vessel unto honor. Sanctified and meet for the master’s use unto every good work.

Christianity is a personal non transferable responsibility; it is a call placed upon the life of a man. And when he answers the call he realizes there are other people that are called along with him. Your Christianity stats as a personal journey, and when you go in a direction he has shown you he will begin to show you others you are to walk with and then you form a community of Christians. God call you alone but you need to work will other Christians walking in your direction.

Christianity is a call to a cultivation of a personal relationship with God in a community of other Christians. Nobody can be responsible for your life you have to work out your own salvation. Nobody is responsible for you the best they can do for you is 20% of all you need. If you want to enjoy life you have to take responsibility for your life; you need help for your life but people will gladly support you when they know you have taken responsibility of your life.

Don’t about seeking help from people with a victim mindset. If you wan to go fast go alone; if you want to go far go together. There are some things you naturally have to do alone. You are wired to do a lot of things by yourself. 80% percent of the things that will add value to your life are in your hands such that if you don’t get help from people you can still succeed. In this life you are on your own first. In life we start out 100% dependent, and then graduate to independence and then interdependence.

Collaboration does not mean dependence it’s meant to be interdependence. In relating with people you need to locate and relate with the right set of people. When you bring the wrong person into your space to work they will destroy all that you have done. When you get all the help you can get from people around and you don’t do your part you will not succeed.

The real driving force of your life is in the times you spend alone; God seek that you develop a private and personal prayer life and relationship with God. Nobody can do you than you; what you do for you count far more than what others can do for you or will do for you.

You must cultivate personal discipline; God is looking for men and women who will master themselves and qualify them to be used from God. You cannot qualify to participate in the Olympics you have to be disciplined. The discipline required to be an athlete is personal. God is looking for people who have control and not someone who make excuses and not take responsibility. Self discipline makes you take a sincere self assessment of yourself.

Do sincere assessments of yourself; if you cannot be truthful to yourself God cannot use you. Don’t start anything until you have developed capacity to deliver on the job. You must know who you are, know what you have and then translate those abilities into tangible values in the space that you are.

There are three primary things that you need to adjust on:

1. Temper: if you discipline does not touch on your temper you are not disciplined. The disciplined rule their temper no matter what is said or done. People that are hot tempered or hot tempered can destroy thing. You need to cultivate the capacity within yourself to regulate and control your temper.

2. Tongue: self discipline helps to control the use of your tongue, so that we don’t say the things that will hurt others. Anybody that cannot control what they say and how they say the things they say if they cannot control what comes out of their mouth.

3. Appetite: self control in the area of appetite for food, sex and sleep. Don’t allow your appetite to control you. Don’t allow your appetite to shut down your mind. You must become the master of your desires and not enslaved to them. The man god uses is the one who can govern his appetite for sex, food and sleep.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

June 8, 2016

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The vessel unto honor is not essentially the vessel of gold or silver, there are treasures in earthen vessels. It is a vessel that is clean […]
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