It is important to understand certain thought lines and pattern. It is what is in the inside of you that comes out when life throws challenges at you. One of the crucial intelligence one needs to attain is emotional sense. And the sense you deploy is a function of your understanding of emotional stuff. You need to understand how the mind works because you live with people and work with colleagues’ in the office. And when you don’t understand how the emotions of others and yours are constituted you will have issues with them. Everybody has different capacity to respond to issues; and people must do things to you in which you must respond to them. You can love someone to submission; by loving them you can reprogram them.

The way people act to you should not inform the way you act towards them; the Holy Spirit on the inside of you should inform the way you react in each situation; let the love of God regulate your actions. Our disposition, temperament and personality influences the way we react to situations. There are seven killer emotions that we all need to seek to stay away from.

  1. Fear: This is an emotion triggered by real or perceived threat. Maybe you heard something or heard something or smelt something; it is based on your senses. It makes you act based on what your senses perceives. When the emotion of fear is stirred up in your heart it changes the way your brain and organs of the body behaves; it affects your mind and the way you behave. Fear enter the heart of a man when he perceives a present risk that can threaten your life, fortune, and the way people perceive you; fear comes in. fear is a major tool in the hand of the devil to limit and torment people. The enemy shows you the things you cannot handle; because you limit it to your own capacity; your strength and skill. When you look at things in the flesh you must be afraid.
  2. Anxiety: This is similar to fear. In fear, the threat is real or perceived; it is real or ongoing. But in anxiety, it is the expectation of a future threat that might happen or not happen. Truth is 99 percent of what you fear would happen doesn’t happen. Some people out of fear of what to eat will not make a move. Anxiety rubs you of the pleasure of today and denies you of the glory of tomorrow. The anxious sees life and only sees that things can go wrong. Anxiety is taking thought of what tomorrow will bring in the negative. Be anxious for nothing; take no thought.
  3. Pride: It is an emotional state that causes a man to have an inflated sense of who he is, what he has and what he has done. The proud forgets that all he has and is he got from God. Pride takes your eyes from the person, ability and supply of the spirit making you focus on the things that you did which God did through you for you. When pride is in the heart of a man it affects everything. It is a pollution that affects the way you see everything. For you to seize to see the hand of god you need to work in pride. God does not only resist the proud he punishes them and no prayer can avert it. Avoid pride at all cost; be emotionally intelligent; as emotional intelligence is a proof of divine wisdom.
  4. Anger: This is an intense emotional response to real or perceived violation of fundamental human right or boundaries. When your ego is bruised how do you react? Anger burns within a man; and suspends the mind of a man. Anger affects the heart the blood pressure and your health. The presence of foolishness will allow anger to stay.
  5. Bitterness: Usually, it is an issue not properly treated that produces bitterness. When you allow an issue to stay in your heart it becomes bitterness. Laying hold to past hurt also turns to bitterness. Bitterness poisons everything about your life.
  6. Malice: This is a dangerous emotional state that can corrupt the way you see life. Malice is a deep seated desire to inflict injury and harm on someone or to see another person suffer pain or loss because you are angry with them. You may not actually do it but you just desire it happens to them. Malice is the one way to quench the Holy Ghost; when you are malicious you cannot see God.
  7. Envy: This happens when you lack another person’s superior quality. You don’t like them because of what they have because you want what they have. You will be happy when they don’t have it. When you see someone that has what you don’t have, celebrate them and don’t envy them because God can from there give you what you want.

Sunday Ogidigbo: @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

August 15, 2016
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