color-art-wallpapers-hd-freeSeven is the number of God; it is the number of completion and perfection; it is the number of fortification. It is the number of God and God is the factor behind everything established on earth. When God is allowed in a system or in the life of a man, the man is established as a factor in the scheme of things. Any home where God is it’s center, it is well established. Once you bring God into anything it becomes established. God does not start anything that he has not finished; if he starts a thing and you don’t let him finish, it’s your fault; you cannot start in the spirit and finish in the flesh. Once you start with God you must stay with God. When God was going to establish the ministry of Moses amongst his people he made him to select seventy men whom he put his spirit upon for the ministry. It took seventy men to establish the ministry of Moses same as Jesus.

Certain spiritual factors will not be firmly established in your life until you understand the power of seven; even the devil understands this (Matthew 12: 43-45, Luke 11:24-26).

Seven is the number of establishment; when you want to build a stronghold anywhere you cannot afford to operate alone. This is a law that applies in the market and in the spiritual realm. The scripture says woe unto him that is alone; you need fortification, you need consolidation. And the only way to get this is to establish yourself in God. It takes a connection of the spirit to establish a fortification in the scheme of things.

For anything to be forceful and solidly established on the face of the earth the seven spirits of God must be upon it. The only way the forces of life cannot hinder the operations of God upon the earth is because he puts the seven spirits upon the person or what he is doing (Revelations 5:6); everywhere the hand of God is strong the seven spirits of God is there. Seven lamps burn before the throne of God; this seven lamps represents the seven spirits of God. This are the authority, the power, the wisdom, the strength and dominion that manifest in our life when the Holy Spirit rests upon our life; demanding your rights and privileges in God.

Take away the Holy Spirit you have an ordinary man; when the Holy Spirit comes upon a man, He establishes power, authority, dominion and ; he begins to see what others don’t see and sees life from a whole new and different perspective. There is a capacity that the Holy Spirit gives that helps you to see a Prince within a pauper. The seven spirits of God were the foundations on which the ministry of Jesus was established. When God is sending us the way he sent Jesus, he must give us all he gave Jesus; the Holy Spirit is here with you, you can connect to him.

The seven spirits of God are here on earth for us; they guarantee power, dominion, authority, strength, insight and foresight. Your dominion is impossible without the Holy Spirit; the results you should manifest are impossible without the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit must become in you tangible results. The Holy Spirit energizes your body, fortifies your spirit and makes you become a force in all areas of your life. This spirit gives you a clear understanding of things before they happen. It is the eyes that helps you understand and make meaning of all that is happening around you; foresight helps you to see events afar and helps you not to panic in the face of adversity.

The things that God has prepared for you can’t be seen or heard with your physical eyes and ears; it takes being in the spirit to see and hear things from God. You need to connect to the Holy Ghost to bring wisdom into your heart. He that is born of the spirit is like the wind you can hear it but can’t see it; and the direction of the wind determines what comes with it. When you connect to the wind let it carry you, don’t plan and over think. With the Holy Spirit you see and know things before they happen.

Everybody that connects with the Holy Spirit on all frequencies will not be moved by what their senses tell them. When you speak by the spirit, the forces of life will conspire to favour you; Jesus became a superman by the seven spirits. Do you see possibilities? Because how you see and what you hear determines what you respond to and the realities you experience.

Sunday Ogidigbo : @SOgidigbo

Lead Pastor, Holyhill Church

April 28, 2015

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Seven is the number of God; it is the number of completion and perfection; it is the number of fortification. It is the number of God […]