God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth; worshipping in spirit and in truth is a must in this kingdom. If you’re not in the spirit you are dead. The life that we have in God is manifest in the spirit. You have to be in the spirit to connect with the things that God has programmed for you in this kingdom. Christianity is a call to walk and fellowship with God; it is a call to be like God in all things and God is a Spirit. Christianity therefore is a call to be in the spirit. You must be in the spirit.

Christianity is only possible in the spirit. There are times when God wants to do some things for you but He can’t reach you because you are not on the same frequency with Him. You are either in the spirit or out of the spirit. Connect to the platform and realm of God requires a conscious spiritual effort because the realm of God is in the spirit. And the kind of worship God is expecting from us is the worship from the spirit. The only place where God can be reached and the truth can be accessed is in the spirit.

The only place to connect with God is in the spirit and the only way you can be in the spirit is by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost is the gateway to the spirit. There is no way you can say you are in the spirit without having interaction with the Holy Spirit. Christianity is not possible without having a conscious and deliberate interaction with the Holy Spirit. The realm of God is accessible in the Holy Spirit and by the Holy Spirit.

The interaction with the Holy Ghost is not by your senses; you don’t relate with the Holy Ghost with your physical senses. It is not by feeling, it is by Faith. You do not connect with the Holy Ghost by judging him with your senses. The Holy Spirit is always moving and talking; it is just that some people are too far and to deaf to see or hear him. So the realm of the spirit becomes real by the Spirit. The person of God and Jesus can only be discerned by the Spirit. When you receive the Holy Ghost in your spirit you begin to connect with the things of God in your spirit. The realm of God becomes real to you; the person and the things of God become tangible to you. The things that God has prepared for us are not things that the ears can hear or the eyes can see. The Holy Spirit can only be connected to by the real you which is your spirit.

You don’t ignore your inner man because the inner man is the real you; the outer man perishes while the inner man is renewed always. If you neglect you spirit man you will be weak and you cannot worship in spirit. When the spirit man is neglected you cannot connect to the Spirit of God and the Holy Ghost can do very little with you. The realm of the spirit, the person of the spirit and the things of God can only be discerned by the help of the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit connects with your spirit to establish a spiritual protocol for interaction to take place. You connect to the Holy Ghost by faith. Your spirit cannot be seen under a scan but from it you draw life. Everything that God wants to give to you is spiritual in nature and it takes your spirit to connect with the Holy Spirit to receive what God has for you.  The Holy Spirit is the gateway to every spiritual understanding and also the custodian of every spiritual power and resources of God. And one thing is every spiritual substance can be converted to its material equivalent; but it is by the spirit you make that vital connection. The Holy Spirit is the revelator, he opens the veil and is sent to reveal things to you; he is the one sent to show us the way. Jesus depended on him 100% and we should too. The things of God knoweth no man but the Spirit of God. If we learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and receive instructions from him, there is nothing we want to experience that would not become a reality in our lives.

The sign of spiritual maturity is when your spiritual senses are exercised. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is the activation of our spiritual senses and it is evidenced by praying in other tongues and prophesying. Tongues are classified spiritually encrypted codes that are generated and transmitted to God.

You cannot attract the Holy Spirit or maintain your experience with the Holy Spirit except you continuously thirst and hunger for him. Spiritual thirst attracts the outpouring of the Holy Spirit; the greater the thirst the greater the outpouring. You don’t casually receive the Holy Ghost. You need to deliberately seek after and thirst for the Holy Spirit. We connect with the Holy Ghost by faith with thirst and hunger in our hearts.

Sunday Ogidigbo: @SOgidigbo

Pastor, Holyhill Church

August 15, 2016
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